The Young Ones

No Bollocks, Just Oi!

Just over a decade ago, four tiny skins from the deep south of the Netherlands decided to form an Oi! band inspired by the classics from the eighties. Since none of the members had actually even been born in the era that was responsible for their favorite music, they called themselves The Young Ones. They released a mini CD called "No bollocks, just Oi!" which sounded as if Cockney Rejects, The Business and The Blitz were still ruling the British punkscene.

Some line-up changes followed and their first full length "Out with the Bois" was released. They played a bunch of shows and released a few more seven inches but after a while called it quits for varying reasons. Early 2016, founding members Marlon (vocals) and Elmer (guitar) came to the conclusion that they missed the good old classic Oi! sound they loved so much. Of course, there are tons of bands all over the world claiming to play Oi!, but in their (puritan, uncompromising) opinion, the vast majority of these bands suck ass and completely miss the point as to what makes Oi! such a brilliant musical genre.

So, they decided to do it themselves. Original drummer Jasper was pulled out from underneath a rock, their good friend Lando was asked to join them as second guitar player and Elmer's older brother and the biggest TYO-fan Merijn was asked to come and play the bass since the original bass-player had moved to New Zealand years earlier.

They managed to cram about six rehearsals into their busy schedules and wrote four new songs which they recorded for their comeback 7-inch, released by the almighty Contra records. Armed with new material they are ready to wreck stages whenever they are invited. So see you soon!!!

Marlon - Vocals
Elmer - Guitar & Vocals
Jasper - Drums
Merijn - Bass
Lando - Guitar & Vocals