Evil Conduct

Working Class Oi! from the Netherlands.

Who could have thought 34 years ago when the band was originally formed, that Evil Conduct from Roermond NL would become an internationally renowned Oi! band with fans all over the globe. For sure, the original line up, existing of brothers Han & Ray and their mate Frans, would have told you to stop taking the piss.

Over the decades there were a few breaks and line-up changes, but recently Evil Conduct returned to the stage in its original form, so the story continues for Han, Ray & Frans. For those of you who don’t know the band’s live reputation, be prepared for an energetic set of singalong Oi! stompers which covers work from the early years as well as the more recent hits. Fans may be delighted to hear that there are plans to make a new record in 2019. Thanks for your attention, now you can fuck off!

Han - Vocals & Guitar
Frans - Bass & Backing Vocals
Ray - Drums & Second Vocals