In your face, working class leicester oi !!

Trav and Daz are veterans of the Leicester City FC football terrace and a shared love of punk rock and Oi was the catalyst that formed the band. Young Max is the baby of the band and was first choice for us when his old band The Tennysons split. Kev is an old pal and has played in many Leicester bands over the years, he came in to replace original guitarist Ryan and we ain’t looked back since. We actively set out to recreate that original early 80’s raw aggressive Oi sound. Our biggest influences being The cockney rejects, 4 skins and combat 84. We are looking forward to This is Tegelen as it’s a festival we have heard a lot about from good pals that have played there. We hear the welcome is second to none and the crowd is mental. That’ll do us. See you in 2019!

Trav - vocals
Daz - drums
Max - bass
Kev - guitar