Top Dog



From the Ashes of The Scabs and Distortion (Knock Out Records) and Thee Overdose rise Cumbrian street punk rockers Top Dog!

Formed late 2014, Nige, Ste, Rab and Brads began knocking out top quality Oi! at a rapid rate and soon realised they had enough for a solid recording. So that’s what we did! 
2018 seen us take a hiatus due to reasons that we won't go into on here.
2019 sees Nige and Ste having talks about getting the band back together.
In comes Jay on bass and Speedy on drums from another Cumbrian band Thee Overdose.
Thee Overdose go back to the 90's where they released two 7" singles Don't Blame Me 1997 and Wicked Game 1999. Not long after they split. 2013 saw two original members (Jay and Speedy) come back with their first show with the UK Subs. Throughout 2013/2014 they had a great run of shows playing with Uk Subs, Drongos For Europe, Dirtbox Disco, Gimp Fist, Cockney Rejects, The Lurkers.

A demo produced and recorded by the excellent Dom and Chris Smith at Wreck Studio's, quickly brought us to the attention of record labels over the globe. With this a deal was done in the summer of 2015 with Dutch label, Rebellion Records. Unfortunately Brads, through injuries sustained in an accident, was forced to leave the band. In stepped Marc, formerly of metal band Dynamo (now Die No More, Rocksector Records) 

With a successful self titled EP released at the end of October 15 bringing in awesome reviews and air play on stations across the continent and the pond. Our full length CD album was quick to follow and was released in April 16, again to a great reception. While all this was going on we hit the road gigging around the country alongside some great bands. The Last Resort, Infa Riot, Foreign Legion, Arch Rivals to name but a few. We have also helped raise over £600 for the British Legion playing at Rock for Heroes and 4k for Mcmillan Cancer Support. As 2016 drew to a close we hit the studio again to begin work on a new EP. Benjaro Studio's was the place this time as Wreck Studio's unfortunately relocated to Huddersfield. Around the same time Rebellion Records announced they had teamed up with Longshot Music in the USA for a collaborated release of the album on LP vinyl. 

Armed with our belting new demo we began 2017 with our first gig on the continent. Coinciding with the release of the LP we shared the stage at the Blue Collar Underground, Eindhoven with the excellent French Oi! band RIXE and local lads Pressure Pact. Leaving the demo with Rebellion Records we returned to the news we'd been given our debut slot at the renowned Rebellion Punk Festival in the summer. News that the CD had sold out quickly followed and with the LP not far behind, work on the new EP release began. 

We're still making appearances all over the UK and with more European dates in the pipeline, we are now doing what we do 
best...taking it live!